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Low or High Volume Assembly

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Yes, you can achieve the cost benefits of having your medical product manufactured in Asia without the high volumes required of consumer products.  All you need is the right partner.  As a U.S. based company that has been servicing the medical device industry for more than 15 years, we understand that while some disposable devices are used in high volumes, most medical products are manufactured in low to medium sized volumes.  That’s why we’ve built a manufacturing operation in China that is supported by a low volume global supply chain.

On our manufacturing floor you will see both manufacturing cells for low volume assembly as well as conveyance lines to handle high volume production.  This ‘High Mix’ environment allows each of our customers to achieve the cost savings from manufacturing in a low labor cost region where we also benefit by lower raw material costs sourced locally to our factory.

From Prototypes to First Article and Pilot Production builds, Jeelink is experienced in meeting the volume demands (low and high) of our customers.