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Jeelink's QSFP28 passive copper cable assembly

Resource: 2016/3/18      view:
       Jeelink's QSFP28 passive copper cable assembly features eight differential cooper pairs, providing four data transmission channels at speeds up to 28Gbps per channel, and meets 100G Ethernet (4x25Gbps) and Infiniband Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) requirements.

Offered in a board range of wire gages - from 24AWG through 30AWG -this 100G copper cable assembly features a unique drainless bulk cable construction with individually wrapped twinax pairs, resulting in low insertion loss and low cross talk.

Designed for applications in the data center, networking and telecommunications markets that require a high speed, reliable cable assembly,this next generation product shares the same mating interface with QSFP+ form factors, making it backward compatible with existing QSFP ports.QSFP28 can be used with current 10G and 14G applications with substantial signal integrity margin.

Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with IEEE 802.3bj and Infiniband EDR

  • Supports aggragate data rates of 100Gbps

  • Optimized wire termination zone minimized insertion loss and cross talk

  • Backward compatible with existing QSFP+ connectors and cages

  • Pull-to-release slide latch design

  • 24AWG through 30AWG cable

  • Uses Leoni&Madison&Belden cable brand 25G Turbo twin parallel pair bulk cable

  • RoHS compliant

Product Applications

  • Switches,servers and routers

  • Data center networks

  • Storage area networks

  • High performance computing

  • Telecommunication and wireless infrastructure

  • Medical diagnostics and networking

  • Test and measurement equipment

Industry Standards

  • 100G Ethernet(IEEE 802.3bj)

  • InfiniBand EDR

  • SFF-8665